Brand Culture
Our Mission
Creat and lead trend
Zambaiti's insistence on product style, harshness of product quality, along with the creativity and innovative management attitude that keep pace with the times, constitute the long history of Zambaiti Parati's wallpaper products. 
Its wallpaper products are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and design, and are recommended by famous designers from all over the world and the first choice of home decoration for high-flyers. They are widely used in high-end places such as homes, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, government and public utilities. 
After more than half a century of development and innovation, it has become an expert and leader in the international soft wall decoration material industry.
corporate philosophy
Taste is mood, quality is life.
Good wallpaper, builds a good mood; a good attitude, builds a good life.
Product Quality
Make full use of the plasticity of the rubber surface and the rich expressive power of the sleeve pressing process to make the product better and stay ahead, helping you to cope with any competitive pressure freely!
Process Technology
Master the cutting-edge technology of the industry ---the use of high-precision sleeve pressing technology, and we relentlessly use advanced equipment and design auxiliary facilities, and fully integrate the active skills of professional craftsmen.
Quality Assurance
We has passed the IOS9001 quality management system certification, and the products are sent for inspection in different markets at the same time, in line with EN233 and 234 European standards and GB8945-88 Chinese standards.