Design and R & D strength
Intensive research of production technology in full-cycle
Zambaiti Parati Ingeniously lay out full-cycle production technology R&D. In the production stamping, the world's top precision register hot pressing process, rotogravure printing, rotary screen printing are used to ensure the level of the picture and the exquisite presentation effect. In the selection of materials, the underlay of the product is made of plant wood, and the replacement form of planting and lopping is adopted to ensure the ecological balance. In the recycling production, the ink recovery system and smoke suppressor are used to realize the complete recovery and recycling of all ink, and the waste generated is completely used as the filling material for the synthetic grassland.
Trend-leading Art Design
Zambaiti Parati has creative product R&D departments with pure Italian artistic genes which includes top designers, professional manufacturing engineers, market research and marketing experts, transportation and after-sales service department. The use of creative talent, leading thinking, and rich design experience has made the brand's endless creative source power. What is more valuable is the spirit of integration. In the process of the summit dialogue, it collides with artistic products that are more likely to be favored by people. Starting from the maintenance of customer experience, all creative works and various authorized brands are protected by patents: the company's design copyright and uniqueness of creativity are maintained, and imitation and counterfeit products are also eliminated.
Leading the Design Cooperation Mode of the Industry
Zambaiti has created an independent cooperation model and a pure design cooperation model that is different from the previous one. It has established a full range of cooperation channels, fully integrated through unique design, manufacturing technology, manufacturing path, and presentation means, and has close cooperation with many internationally renowned construction companies.
CEO Cibic Workshop
In the 1970s, ALDO CIBIC started business in Milan. His career involved projects of different nature, from architecture to interior decoration, to design and multimedia. 
The studio consists of a group of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, industrial designers and other people with different cultural backgrounds. 
It Created a platform full of energy and collisions to support innovative ideas. 
In 2010, his project "Rethinking Happiness" was titled "Personnel Debate in Architecture" by the director of the 11th Venice Biennale.
CEO Metrogramma Milano
Metrogramma Milano is an international company of architecture, urban planning and interior design with operating offices in Milan, Moscow and New York and with branch offices in London and Dubai. Metrogramma was formed in 1996 as a group of work and research by some young talented architects with critical spirit and desire for experimentation. Metrogramma as real professional studio was founded in 1999 by Andrea Boschetti (Bolzano, 1969) and Alberto Francini (Florence, 1969), architects graduated respectively from the Universities of Venice and Florence and acquired professional experience at the studios of Rem Koolhaas and Massimiliano Fuksas.
CEO AF517 Alfonso Femia Atelier(s)
Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) is, from 2017, the new name of 5+1AA. Created by Alfonso Femia with other fellow travelers in 1995, the Atelier(s) explores the world and the human relationships through architecture, dialog and matter, listening, searching and asserting an idea of the project as a dialog tool and the importance to think and imagine the spaces, the architectures and the chronotopic cities.
The research on matter, characteristic of the last projects made in Italy and France, is fundamental in the reassertion of matter as an empathic dimension of architecture when it encounters the ones who live it and occupy the city.
CEO CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects
It starts from the location, getting to know the genius loci of each structure in order to catch its soul and infuse it into the project. This is how architects Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi talk about the design spirit of Caberloncaroppi Italian Touch Architects. An associate studio founded in 2004, Caberloncaroppi aims to develop new, tailor-made, hospitality concepts in all categories of the hotel industry, (ranging from historic and business hotels to resorts and lodging) always revealing its eclectic identity while in search of new stimuli.