1.Mission: Creating and leading the fashion classics. Zambaiti Company dedicates itself to create products which represent the Italian art and style in value and quality, and also to lead fashion on the international stage.

2. Creativity: Products featured by unique creativity and style: this really means maintaining the strength of a ¡°company ¨C sole distributor ¨C end user¡± long-term cooperation. Since you can expect to find incomparable products on the market every year, you feel very lighthearted!

3.Technology: In this sector, being able to use the register embossing can prove whether a company masters the advanced technology in the wallpaper production. Moreover, we keep on adopting without delay advanced equipments and design measures, in order to enable design ideas to enter the company¡¯s activities even more deeply through the engineers¡¯ ability.

4.Products: thoroughly exploiting the rich expression and effect given by coating flexibility and embossing technology, this product has got the highest available technology inside it and maintains its leading position on the market; therefore it helps you to respond very well to any competition pressure!

5.Quality: if a company passes ISO 9001 Quality Certification System, if its products pass inspections in different markets at the same time, if they match EN 233 and 234 Europe Standard as well as the GB 8945-88 Chinese Standard, they satisfy the requirements on three aspects: excellent quality, high-standard environment protection and use of safety.

6.Customer care: we pay close attention equally to our post-sale service and customers¡¯ satisfaction rate as well as to technology and products quality. In the last years, Zambaiti Group has completed the automation of its warehouse, achieved the joint management and control through computers and robots and ensured the accuracy, quickness and high-efficiency of the storehouse entry-exit operations.

7.Concept: taste is mood, quality is life

Zambaiti: This brand¡¯s slogan is: good wallpaper, good mood in the environments; good frame of mind, good living in the buildings. Good wallpaper is just like the person you love: if you make a mistake, you will regret it.