Zambaiti Group -- With already more than 50 years of history, Zambaiti is one of the biggest corporations among the manufacturers of domestic textiles and wallpaper in Italy; located between Venice and Milan, it¡¯s situated in the towering, elegant area of Bergamo. It regards it as its mission to create and lead the fashion classics, it preserves its originality and peculiarity in the development of its products.

In the group, all companies keep their independent administrations and are all under one common regulation at the same time: the production control and management are interrelated and combined into a coherent whole. In other words, from the choice of raw materials suppliers to the formulation of the products proposals, every segment is strictly checked and also verified over and over again, in order to avoid mistakes which would be hard to retrieve. This does not only implies a strict control of quality and taste, on the other hand it also means saving production time and reducing production costs. Of course, no matter how strict the mechanism control is, it does not mean that you can completely avoid mistakes. Anyway, our task is to let the mistake rate be the lowest possible if compared to that of all the outstanding wallcovering manufacturers, so that this level represents our company¡¯s character and image.

Pursuing and studying quality, accompanied by creativity and innovation, have made up Zambaiti group¡¯s long-standing history.

The Group consists of the following four companies:

1.Honegger Cotton Mill (Cotonificio Honegger): it mainly produces high-quality cotton articles which are matched with kitchen items: table clothes, oven gloves, bread baskets, tea cups paddings, doilies exc. These products, full of creativity, can make your kitchen become appealing, interesting and enjoyable. Brands like: Ambiente di Citta¡¯ (the most expensive one)

2.Zambaiti Cotton Mill (Cotonificio Zambaiti): they have got three factories, mainly producing high-class cotton goods for bedrooms: patterned or basic cotton textiles for beds, blankets, eiderdowns, rugs, quilts,towels, multipurpose coverings and pajamas.

Production starts from spinning, by means of twisting machines (spinning technology which suits the production of top-quality materials). Cotonificio Zambaiti makes use of the most advanced high-precision looms for the manufacturing of fabrics; they are provided with 8-colour and 16-colour engraving print machines, so it¡¯s possible to print exquisite patterns on the basis of the designs. This company is also the number-one fabric supplier for the Italian fashion factory; it sells its products on the market with the famous brand ¡°Happidea¡±. For the past many years, the company went more and more beyond the value of a brand, though it became a cornerstone of quality, creativity and fashion.

3.Zambaiti Coverings (Copertificio Zambaiti): it is a subordinate factory of a multinational company. It mainly produces aristocracy-style, heavy woolen cloth items: woolen blankets, window curtains, sofa coverings, bedspreads, tablecloths, nightgowns and square cloth coverings; its fine-choice, high-quality virgin wool, camel hair and cashmere are its raw materials. Brands are: The Royal Camel House and Compagnia Lane Preziose. Refined colour matchings and designs, exquisite and refined decorative patterns make this brand fully deserve the title of noble blood.

4.Zambaiti Wallcovering (Zambaiti Parati): world-famous enterprise, which mainly produces high-quality vinyl coated wallpaper. Its wallpaper items are very refined, elegant, featured by exquisite embossing technology and by world-renowned design and style; that¡¯s why it is considered as an eminence in design and held in great esteem by successful people; in fact their products are widely used in houses, hotels, offices and many other elegant public places. They key to the permanent success of this company is without a doubt the persisting principle used for developing its products: the unique and original design; in technology, the ¡°accurate register embossing technology¡±, in which the company is constantly accumulating more and more know-how; the streng selection of raw materials, at any cost.

Subordinate companies are:

1.The Italian Wallpaper Factory ¡°Zambaiti¡±

2.Zambaiti (Baoding) Wallcovering Co., Ltd.

3.The Italian manufacturer of engraved cylinders called "Incisioni d'arte"

4.The French wallpaper trading company ¡°Zambaiti France¡±